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This is where I will put my Reviews and your Reviews and cool software you can download.



An implementation of the popular arcade game, Tetris, written specifically for Mac OS X. It features a neat user interface, perfectly integrated with Aqua, and a smooth look and feel for optimum user enjoyment.

The goal was not to reinvent Tetris with yet another modification of the rules, but to stick close to the original implementation. Still theres everything you might expect including a two-player mode, network play with Bonjour support, an online server list, and five different multiplayer rule modes. Any user may create his/her own custom background and piece styles or choose from those created by other Quinn enthusiasts.

This game is a Freeware.

Play Funkypong and leave a review about the Game so I can get more games or improve this one!! ( New Window)

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Cool Freeware


Helps users realize the full potential of their computer display device. Use CalibrationAider to create a consistant, reproduceable viewing environment with an optimal viewing angle, screen resolution, and maximized range of colors. Ideal for digital photographers who need to set up a color-managed workflow, or home users who want to display digital photos to best effect

Lime Wire 4.11.1

Lime Wire is the best file sharing App in the World.


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