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This page will display News from lots of websites about Apple!! And cool Podcasts I have found!!!!!

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If you want to hera the US King takl funny crap then go to the first website on the list

If you like the radio 94.5 in Perth WA it is number 2 on the list

If you want a podcast on Macs then the last one is for you!!!

US PM Weekly Radio Address

Mix 94.5 Podcasts

MacWorld Podcast

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3GHz Mac Pro off and running

Macworld Lab’s 3GHz Mac Pro arrived at our offices, and, as expected, the desktop equipped with the fastest Xeon currently available to Mac users outpaced the 2.66GHz Mac Pro. If you remember, that standard offering of Apple’s new desktop tallied the best score ever in our Speedmark test. That record didn’t stand for long, as the 3GHz machine posted a score of 313, setting a new standard for our system performance test suite.

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